The Tug-of-war competition was reintroduced to the Antigonish Highland Games in 2005 and has rapidly become one of the most highly spectated and thrilling events. Traditionally, this event has been showcased at Maritime Agricultural Exhibitions. Teams are assembled in the fall to compete after planting and before harvest. With the Games in early July, it is a challenge to land sufficient competitive teams. Each year we start early, promote our competition and offer an exciting stage to host competitors.

Rules & Regulations:

  • All teams to report for weigh-in 1 hour prior to pulling Men’s teams consists of 10 pullers at 1700 lbs
  • Male Time Limit: 15 minutes, 5 min overtime Women’s teams consists of 10 pullers at 1400 lbs
  • Female Time Limit: 8 minutes, 1 min overtime
  • The team with the most rope over centreline at the end of the time limit is the winner Side swaying of the rope to stop a team from holding their position is not permitted
  • No part of any puller’s body may contact the ground, safe for his/her feet, the anchor may time to time touch the ground in order to maintain balance
  • Only one coach/one water person allowed
  • All members of the team must keep within the lines designated or will be disqualified