Life Members of the Antigonish Highland Society

The Antigonish Highland Society proudly honours select members with a Life Membership.

These members are recognized for their dedication and commitment to preserving and celebrating the life of the Scottish Gaels in Antigonish.

We would also like to extend our most sincere gratitude to our honorary members, those who may not have served on the AHS board, but who have made significant contributions to the continued success of the Antigonish Highland Society.

2023 Honorary Members

Congratulations to Paul Boyd (left), Rick Crawford, Ken Farrell, Marty Gilfoy, Kevin Grant, Bill Kiely, Fiona MacLean, and Janice MacQuarrie (not pictured).

2022 Life Members

Left to Right: Dr. John Hamilton, Donald Beaton, Ronald B. Chisholm, Scott Williams, James Fraser (deceased), Danny Gillis, Dr. Dan MacInnes, Joanne Smith, Robert Cochrane, Leo MacDonald and Iain Boyd

Missing: Liz Chisholm & Tom MacIsaac


Life Members


Donald MacDougall

Donald Beaton

Iain Boyd

Liz Chisholm

Ronald B. Chisholm

Doctor John Hamilton

Leo MacDonald

Tom MacIsaac

Scott Williams

Dr. Dan MacInnes 

Joanne Smith

Robert Cochrane 

Danny Gillis