While growing up in Cloverville, Antigonish County, he learned a lot from his father Terry – a long-time caber toss participant – and other family members who competed at the Games. Thompson was inducted for his 20 years, from 1966 to 1986 of “versatile participation” in the Games.

Wayne Thompson grew up in the small community of Cloverville, and as a young boy he had the opportunity to learn about the Antigonish Highland Games from his father and family members who were regular competitors at the annual event.

Wayne’s father Terry was a Caber Tosser at the Games for many years, and later, he spent his time as a volunteer, officiating at the caber and throwing events.

Wayne’s grandmother was a McGibbon, and Wayne had a great deal of respect for Frank McGibbon – who was a long-time coach for the Antigonish Highland Society Track and Field Team.  He always wanted to perform at a level that pleased Frank.

Wayne, himself, was recognized throughout Nova Scotia as the best age class hammer thrower of his time. He was voted Top High School Athlete in Track and Field in 1971 and held the high school discuss record for 36 years.

Halifax Herald sports writer, Steve Bezanson, called Wayne’s efforts in the 1976 Canadian Open Interprovincial Championships a “Herculean effort” as he dominated the field events.  In the Open class, he won 7 medals and had a reported ‘Spectacular day in the field events’.  It is reported he earned 1st in the Hammer, Discuss, Caber, Triple Jump, Long Jump and 3rd in the Javelin and Shot.

In 1970’s Games, Wayne won the Father Dempsey Chisholm trophy as a Junior Age Class Athlete, recognized as the most outstanding athlete from Antigonish Town and County at the Highland Games.  He was 1st in the 100metres, Hammer and Long Jump, and 3rd in the Caber.

He was a year 20 year participant at the Highland Games, competing from 1966 to 1986.

In 1967, his 1st place recorded finish in the Junior Hammer was 93 feet 9 inches.  In 1969, he set a new Junior Hammer record of 157 feet 3 inches – an improvement of almost 60 feet!

Wayne was the overall Senior Men’s Athletic Events winner at the Highland Games in 1973, 1985, and 1986 – the most prolific winner of the Olympic Hammer events in Highland Games history.

In later years, Wayne moved to Alberta and continued to compete in Highland Games.  He was invited to compete in Games along the Pacific Coast, from Vancouver to as far away as California.  The ancient Scottish Heavy Events always drew a large following and Wayne was often willing to participate and display his talents.

For his twenty years of versatile participation in the Antigonish Highland Games, during which he won three senior men’s championships while competing and winning in a variety of Track and Field events as well as Ancient Scottish Heavy Events, Wayne Thompson is inducted into the Antigonish Highland Games Hall of Fame.

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